The Lake County Historical Society operates 3 historic sites in Two Harbors: The 1907 Duluth & Iron Range Depot Museum, the 1892 Two Harbors Light Station, and the 3M Birthplace Museum in the 1902 Dwan Building. 

All three historic sites will be open May 18th to May 20th for a special pre-view weekend before the busy season arrives. All sites open 11:00AM to 4:00PM, Friday through Sunday. The museums will resume regular summer hours starting Friday, May 25th.

Single Site Admission: $5.
Multi Site Pass: $10 for all 3 museums valid for 2 days. 


Depot Museum

Monday through Saturday: 9AM-5PM

Sunday: 10AM-4PM

Lighthouse Museum and Gift Shop

Monday through Saturday: 10AM to 6 PM

Sunday: 10AM to 4 PM

3M Birthplace Museum

Monday through Friday: 12PM to 5PM

Saturday: 11AM to 5PM

Sunday: 11AM to 4PM

On perpetual display on the campus:

D&IRR Locomotive # 3, Ore Car #251 and Caboose #22
DM & IR Yellowstone Mallet #229 Locomotive