Circa 1970’s


The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway donted two cabooses to the Lake County Historical Society on October 30, 1997. These caboose, built in the 1970's, are the last of a breed. Once used as a workstation for the conductor and brakemen, cabooses have since been replaced through automation and advances in braking equipment and railroad communications. In addition to work stations the caboose would often house a stove and beds for the crew. The raised cupola allowed crews to see the full legnth of the train as they watched for hot journal boxes and other saftey hazards.

The two cabooses donated to the Society came from North Dakota.

For those interested in rolling stock these cabooses began life as FJR 0613000 and JFZ 111493. Caboose 0613000 was perhaps unfortunately painted in a DM&IR color scheme in the early 2000's and currently sits in the Canadian National yards in Two Harbors Minnesota. 

Caboose 111493 was leased to Cliffs NorthShore Mining at Silver Bay in 2000 where it still remains.    


The Canadian National RR wanted to get our caboose out of thier rail yards. As we had no where to store it the LCHS Board decided to donate caboose FJR 0613000 to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum for use on the North Shore Scenic Railroad. We are happy that the caboose will be put into use. Caboose JFZ is currently at the North Shore Mining yards outside of Babbitt, MN.