Projects List


Duluth & Iron Range Depot

  • Depot Lighting, happy to say I found a LED that fits in our existing cans. I will work with the city to meet the energy rebate requirements.
  • I would like to have thermal panes made for the freight doors and anywhere else there is single pane glass on the exterior of the building.
  • Depot Exterior; Painting, The entire train platform roof beams and all exterior trim need to be painted. We have repair work to be completed around the freight doors on the north side.
  • 3 Spot Display: The 3 spot canopy needs to be stained and some minor repairs.
  • Mallet Display; Paint the iron work on the Mallet canopy.
  • William E. Scott Archives; We have done a lot of the assesment and reorganzing throughout the winter of 2016-17. Kim has gone through the second floor vault and reoganized the photos, oral history tapes and documents stored there.
  • LCHS should have a disaster plan created.

Two Harbors Light Station Museum

  • We have an open contract with Bedrock-Flint Masonry to tuck point the Lighthouse. We have scheduled for annual work to be done each spring on the Lighthouse.
  • Landscaping the entrance to the site; Create arch and pathway (ADA?) supported by crosswalk (DNR)
  • Assistant Keepers Quarters; Roof needs to be redone.

Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast

  • Expand / pour new B&B entrance sidewalk
  • Install PVC paneling on the basement ceiling
  • Re surface the porcelain sink

Education and Outreach / Special Projects

  • Create more DVDs.


It is important to note that this work list is in addition to the daily business of LCHS operations that include but are not limited to:

B&B Operations

  • Reservations
  • Hospitality services
  • Greeting / History Tour
  • Cooking / Serving
  • Housekeeping
  • Marketing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Personnel
  • Custodial / General Maintenance
  • Beacon Lamps and maintenance

LCHS Operations

  • Administrative
  • Finance / insurance
  • Grant writing/ administration
  • Exhibit Development and Installation
  • Daily Museum Operations (seasonal)
  • Web site maintenance / Social Media
  • Membership
  • Research requests
  • Accessions
  • Archives / Library
  • Marketing
  • Personnel
  • Custodial / General Maintenance
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Exhibits
  • Community Relations
  • Inter governmental relations
  • Community events / Presentations

We try to accomplish all of this with a staff of three, supported by an additional 14 seasonal employees.



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