Projects List


Duluth & Iron Range Depot


  • Depot Basement Drain Tile; Excavation around the Depot to alleviate water coming into the subbasement. The preliminary survey work was completed in the spring or 2016. We plan on breaking ground early August 2017. 
  • Depot Lighting, happy to say I found a LED that fits in our existing cans. I will work with the city to meet the energy rebate requirements.
  • I would like to have thermal panes made for the freight doors and anywhere else there is single pane glass on the exterior of the building.
  • Depot Exterior; Painting, The entire train platform roof beams and all exterior trim need to be painted. We have repair work to be completed around the freight doors on the north side.
  • 3 Spot Display: The 3 spot canopy needs to be stained and some minor repairs.
  • Mallet Display; Paint the iron work on the Mallet canopy.
  • New fencing is installed by Keller Fence around both the 3 Spot and Mallet Locomotives displaysApril 2017.COMPLETED
  • William E. Scott Archives; We have done a lot of the assesment and reorganzing throughout the winter of 2016-17. Kim has gone through the second floor vault and reoganized the photos, oral history tapes and documents stored there.
  • LCHS should have a disaster plan created.

Two Harbors Light Station Museum

  • We have contracted with Bedrock-Flint Masonry to repair the foundations of the five secondary buildings and the base of the Tower in the spring of 2017. COMPLETED
  • Landscaping the entrance to the site; Create arch and pathway (ADA?) supported by crosswalk (DNR)
  • Assistant Keepers Quarters; Ramp needs repair, Porch needs paint, Roof needs to be redone.
  • Crusader II; Has been donated to the Village of Knife River and moved back to KR in December of 2016. The plans are to restore the vessel and display it at its home port of Knife River.

Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast

  • We purchase some excellent Victorian Furniture for the parlor of the B&B.
  • Expand / pour new B&B entrance sidewalk
  • Install PVC paneling on the basement ceiling
  • Re surface the porcelain sink

Education and Outreach / Special Projects

  • Historic Waterfront Business District; We added five new trail markers on the Sonju Trail (City of TH) with the help of Boy Scout Troop 160.There are now eight between Burlington and Agate Bay. Trying to get some placed throughout the county with the help of the County Highway department.
  • Have Agate Bay DVD professionally pressed for sale.
  • Create more DVDs.


It is important to note that this work list is in addition to the daily business of LCHS operations that include but are not limited to:

B&B Operations

  • Reservations
  • Hospitality services
  • Greeting / History Tour
  • Cooking / Serving
  • Housekeeping
  • Marketing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Personnel
  • Custodial / General Maintenance
  • Beacon Lamps and maintenance

LCHS Operations

  • Administrative
  • Finance / insurance
  • Grant writing/ administration
  • Exhibit Development and Installation
  • Daily Museum Operations (seasonal)
  • Web site maintenance / Social Media
  • Membership
  • Research requests
  • Accessions
  • Archives / Library
  • Marketing
  • Personnel
  • Custodial / General Maintenance
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Exhibits
  • Community Relations
  • Inter governmental relations
  • Community events / Presentations

We try to accomplish all of this with a staff of three, supported by an additional 14 seasonal employees.



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